Want to be closer to your dog?

Always be present

It's never lonely, it's never alone

Keep in constant contact

You always know where is your dog and what it's doing

Take care of its health

Be aware of your dog activity and react to it

Train your dog

Train your dog to behave well


  • Speak


  • Record your voice on your smatphone and load it in the collar
  • Take your dog for a walk
  • Press your smartphone and your dog hears your voice
  • Stroke

  • Press your smartphone
  • Inside the collar small vibrations are emitted
  • slowly for delicate skins
  • Your dog is stroked
  • Locate

  • The dog is never lost
  • The collar gives you the position, the distance and the speed
  • View a summary of the overall walk
  • Coach

  • Inspect the dog's health
  • Decide adjustment for it's well being
  • Make it work
  • Design a new exercise

Our Team

Dominique Duhaut


Project Manager

University of Bretagne and Loire (UBL) - France

Sylvie Pesty


Associate Project Manager and Director of Software Development

University of Grenoble-Alps (UGA) - France

Philippe Lucidarme

Assistant Professor

Director of Electronic Developement

University of Bretagne and Loire (UBL) - France

Germain Lemasson


Electronic and Software Integration, Product Designer

University of Grenoble-Alps (UGA) - France

In cooperation with

Handi’chiens – Association of education of assistance dogs for disabled people

Special thanks to Marie-Claude Lebret and Jérôme Bertrand Cynthia Poupelin and Jérôme Cavelier, dogs educators

Clermont-Ferrand Hospital

Special thanks to Didier Vernay, Neurologist and specialist in animal mediation and Marie Chaffraix, Veterinary Surgeon

With the participation of

Pollen Innovation Company

fostering the creation of economic value out of the ANR Cochise project

"Atelier des 4 Collines" and Mrs Christiane Gonzales

design and the realization of the leather collar